Globe Pendant

This small globe is perfect to wear as a necklace, or to hang next to a frame or in a window. 




Round Pendant

This pendant is best worn as a necklace. Elegant in design, it is definitely a conversation starter. 




Resting Embers Stone

Where it began. These small trinkets vary in shape and design. They bring comfort in a tangible way. Meant to be carried or placed in a special place. 



Qi Plants

Meditative glass stems, plants and art stakes for a change in frequency.


$30.00 (make them Resting for $50.00)

(add'l stakes $15.00/each infusions welcome)

Wine Stoppers

Pyrex Glass


Basic $15.00

Intricate $20.00-$30.00

(additional corks available upon request)

Drink Stirrers

Pyrex Glass


$8.00 each

Set of 4 for $25.00

(use hot or cold)


Please know we will NEVER give out ANY of your personal information! It is an honor to creating a Resting Ember for your loved one. We strive to Honor all requests with Sincerity and Integrity


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