Can I order a pendant without cremains?

Absolutely! Call us to get pricing. We also offer pendants made from sand or dirt from a favorite place that you shared with your loved one. It’s a discreet reminder and a way to always keep a part of them with you.


Why memorialize my loved one in a pendant or charm?

A traditional urn can be a bit cold and distant. This is a simple yet respectful way of remembering the departed... It’s a way to keep your loved ones with you wherever the road in life may take you. It’s a small lasting piece of art and only you hold the hidden meaning inside.


How long does it take to receive my order?

Once an order is placed, we will send you an Instructions Packet. Once that packet is received at Resting Embers it takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door.


How much of my loved ones’ remains is needed?

Resting Embers uses only a small amount of your loved ones remains (about a teaspoon) to provide a lasting, tangible memorial.


How do I know our loved ones’ remains are safe?

Resting Embers understands how hard it is to lose a friend, family member or an animal companion. Our purpose is to honor their memory and preserve their physical remains in a respectful way. A blessing is said before and after each piece is made.


How do I know the correct remains are used?

When you place an order, a package is sent to you that will give you step-by-step instructions to complete each order. Once the packet is received at the Resting Embers Studio, the artist is the only one with contact of your loved ones remains and has a strict procedure policy to ensure each piece is made and finished before another piece is started.


How is a piece made? What is the process?

A blessing is said before and after each piece is made. The ashes are encased in hot molten glass and sealed inside as the artist shapes and designs your piece. Each piece has a unique spark that forever captures the energy of your loved one.

The piece is then annealed in a kiln for controlled cooling that prevents thermal shock or "cracking". Cooling the piece in a kiln ensures that each piece will be able to endure for years to come.


How do the ashes look inside the glass?

Small bubbles surround the ashes. These bubbles contain CO2 gas and are created by a chemical reaction between the glass and the ashes. The patterns and size of the bubbles happen organically and cannot be controlled. Occasionally some remains create no bubbles and the white ash stands out more clearly.


Will the color I order be the same as on the website?

In the heating and cooling process that is involved in glasswork can sometimes change the color of the glass. Different colors such as the opal change depending on heat variations, as well as change during the cooling process. The color may be slightly darker or lighter depending on how each one is made and how it reacts with the ash. The endless designs make every piece unique.


Will the pendant/charm I order look the same as the website?

Each photo on the website are representation of previous commissioned work; yet we work hard to create similar works as seen. Due to the nature of lampworking, some variations will occur as the loved ones themselves.


What happens with remaining ashes?

Any left over remains will be shipped back with your order. In most cases little or no remains are left. In the case that you do not wish to have your remains returned, they will be spread out to rest among a beautiful landscape of green grass and wildflowers in the Richmond area.


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