Globe Pendant

This small globe is perfect to wear as a necklace, or to hang next to a frame or in a window. 

Round Pendant

This pendant is best worn as a necklace. Elegant in design, it is definitely a conversation starter. 

Resting Embers Stone

Where it all began. These small trinkets vary in shape and design. They bring comfort in a tangible way. Meant to be carried or placed in a special place. 

Resting Plant

These cute little Resting Embers are preserved inside a glass plant, designed to cheer up a room while keeping your loved one with you. No water

Resting Angel

These angels are to keep in your bedroom or special place for  your loved one to look over you. 

Drink Stirrers

These stir sticks can be used for both hot or cold beverages. Great for coffee, tea and/or cocktails.

Placing your order

Please contact us so we can discuss colors, shapes and any special

details we may be able to provide for your Resting Ember.  



Please know we will NEVER give out ANY of your personal information!

It is an honor to creating a Resting Ember for your loved one. 

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